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Attractive asian female wanted for friendship and more

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Growing up in Vancouver, WA a predominantly white areaI remember feeling a discomfort toward my features.

This adjective was supposedly meant as saian compliment, but the meaning of that word is "introduced from another country, not native to the place where found. We are not anchored in the same way, making it easy for us to lose our identities or feel lost trying to navigate the intersection between our cultures.

This photo project has been on my mind since coming to Los Angeles because I finally lived in a place where friendshpi were people who looked like me. Growing up, most of the celebrities I wanted to emulate were white, with features that didn't match mine.

No matter how I did my makeup, I never felt that I looked "white enough. When I started building relationships with other people who fully embraced and even celebrated their multi-ethnic backgrounds, they opened me up to the idea that I am beautiful.

I created this series of images to broaden my own ideas of Asian-American beauty and spoke to other biracial Asian-Americans in the hopes that others will see themselves in the beauty of these watned. We are all so proud of every part of who we are — and proud to be Asian-American.

Growing up, Mors struggled to navigate between wanting to connect to my Korean culture and not feeling a part of it. I still struggle. So yeah, I know traditional dim sum, but my Italian grandparents also own a pizza restaurant.

I grew up in a town that was eanted melting pot, so I felt like I fit in really well. But, I carry more Filipino traditions with me than many of my full-Filipino friends.

I remember always honoring my elders by asking for blessings by bowing down to them, which is called 'mano. When I studied abroad, I took a salsa class and fell in love with it, so I started dancing traditional dances: Being curvy friendwhip the Korean community is really difficult, but as a half-Mexican and half-Korean individual, I embrace both my cultures and love that my curves show a part Attractive asian female wanted for friendship and more who I am.

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By Bianca Nieves. The PerfectionistsRead These Books. By Jessica MacLeish.

By Kaleigh Fasanella and Bianca Nieves.