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In a void homeless in need of some compassion

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Flickr user Aaron Alexander. The economic recession showed us that it can appear in small towns too.

First, we must address the problem. Many people view the homeless as a menace to society.

Instead of shaming those on the streets, we should be trying to understand why people are homeless. As for getting to a point where you have no assets, it could happen to anybody.

Homeless people are often stereotyped as violent drug-users or alcoholics. To say that this is true of all homeless people is inaccurate.

The last recession showed us that an abrupt economic change, such as a major loss of manufacturing jobs, can lead to a spike in poverty regardless of individual actions. However, this leads to a morally bankrupt way of treating others. Even to be turned off by the way the homeless go about their lives is wrong.

Society is an invisible and complex institution; depending on your place within society, there are certain demands, duties and expectations you must fulfill. However, for the homeless there is a void when it comes to societal duties because they have limited assets to build upon.

We see the homeless almost every day walking around campus and downtown. Not because we feel sorry for them, but because we ought to give them the dignity of being recognized and being treated equally.

There are valuable lessons we can learn from their experiences. Lend a hand to the next homeless person that solicits your attention instead of ignoring their existence.

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