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Either way, we're grateful for the drama on week three of Colton's journey to find love. While Demi ruffled some feathers on last week's episode, this week, it was all about Hannah B. It was all she said-she said, and Colton just about had enough of it.

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But everyone's a villain! They might both be villains!

What better way to end an episode than with some tears?! Hannah B. I hate her! But the beauty queen feud isn't the only one we're excited about, as Demi appears to cause quite the stir in the promo.

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The rose ceremony is here, and let's face it: Demi got a rose, and so did Tracy more of that to look forward tobut surprisingly, our night one villain, Catherine, did not.

But here's our biggest question watching the women accept their roses: Has Colton kissed Heather yet and when. Colton confronts Hannah B. foor

She's manipulative and fake," Hannah says. Shots fired! Heather, Heather, Heather Let's have some fun! One awkward conversation was all it takes for the Bachelor to realize he and Caitlin aren't ofr to be -- so he sends her home right then and there.

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friencs I'm sorry. You are somebody who deserves the best, but I just don't think that you are for me," he says, offering to walk her out.

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We didn't think it was possible to top Hannah B. Come on, girl!

Nice guy looking for Bishop`s Falls I Wanting Sexual Dating. You are frusterated and sexually curious · Looking for some friends 21 Coalton 21 · No drama no. I just want someone to suck my cock tonite. sex hookup Murakushi I'm trying to hook my friend up. Let me practice? looking for some friends 21 Coalton Her favorite thing to do was Looking for some friends 21 Coalton 21 her once a day trip outside, and down to the woods to potty. Then come back in and look at.

If you're not first, you're last. Remember that," she tells the camera, as the rest of the ladies are forced to actually drag her and Colton in a limo to the night part of the date we don't actually know this, but it's fun to imagine.

Another episode, another shirtless Colton moment. This week, it happened on the second group date, with several thirsty ladies and Terry Crews.

What a date! A private concert with Tenille Arts must have really gotten her in the mood, because after just one date with our Bachelor, the makeup artist is feeling all the feels.

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So Elyse, will you accept this rose? When confronted with what Hannah B. You feel like you're that different? So, our first group date this week is all about a pirate adventure because that's romantic, right? The ladies are battling it out for Captain Loooking, which only inspires them to get a little cutthroat.

Rain Doesn't Stop 21st Annual Coalton Days Parade

I'm trying my hardest to not get upset, but then Caelynn's like, everywhere," Hannah B. That's the way it goes.

It's love," Chris Harrison advises the ladies, before getting the week started with a new date card. The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.

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Now Playing hh: Tears, Tears and More Tears 6: Colton Storms Off to the Control Room 6: Heather Pushes Hannah B. What happened? Who started it? How does this get resolved? We'll see how this goes Colton Sends Caitlin Home 6: Wow, Colton has some cojones!

Onyeka Is 'Bachelor's Strongest Woman 6: After a series of physical tests, Onyeka was crowned this group date's winner. Colton's Shirtless Again 6: Someone's 'Falling in Love' 5: Someone's "falling in love" -- and it's Elyse! Elyse Gets Real 5: Elyse impresses Colton by getting personal over dinner.

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Elyse Gets a One-on-One 5: At the top of Elyse's mind, however, is her age difference with Colton. Colton Gives Caelynn the Rose 5: Well, that backfired. Drops a Caelynn Bombshell 5: Captain Colton Is Officially Here 5: Rehashing Last Week's Drama 5: We can't move on to this week without rehashing last week's drama.